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Projects and Satisfied Customers.

The residential construction offered by Nolasco Construction Group (NCG) to you follows time-tested construction methodologies to ensure high-quality results and your complete satisfaction. Here is how we approach each project from beginning to the final walkthrough with you.

1. Initial Meeting(s)
We meet with you to gather the vital information to develop the scope of work for the overall project. Information we gather during the first meeting includes:

• Description of project from you the homeowner
• Digital photographs and video
• Measurements
• Feasibility – access, overhead clearance, and neighborhood
• Material selections
• Timing and budget concerns

2. Project Definition
We develop an outline for the entire scope of work including a budget and a project plan timeline that can be viewed by you anytime from any Internet connected device.

3. Proposal Development
Upon your approval for the span of work, budget and initial timeline, NCG invests our resources to develop detailed specifications for the tasks required. During proposal development, fixed cost bids for all subcontracted work and materials are procured so a defined cost proposal can be presented to you.

4. Client Review
We meet with you to review the proposal, and include any additional requirements or changes, preceding your approval.

5. Client Acceptance
Once you accept our proposal, we move forward to develop a project contract.

6. Contract Development
We outline the final statement of work, including cost and payment schedule, along with approved terms and conditions of the project.

7. Project Plan
We detail all implementation issues including, tasks, reports, drawings, permits, and site-specific issues.

8. Project Launch
We begin construction of the project based upon the contract. City and county inspections are performed as required throughout the life of your project.

9. Project Completion
After all inspections by building officials are complete, we perform a walkthrough with you to gain your final approval of the work completed.